Halo 5: Guardians, l'aggiornamento Armeria dell'Infinity ora disponibile

Un nuovo corposo aggiornamento gratuito.

Finalmente è disponibile il nuovo aggiornamento gratuito Armeria dell'Infinity di Halo 5: Guardians.

Qui di seguito tutte le novità dell'aggiornamento:


  • New Arena map Riptide added
  • New Warzone Assault map Urban added
  • Over 50 new REQs including weapons, armor, emblems, and more have been added
  • Modified color of Blue Team in multiplayer to improve Red vs Blue balance
  • Increased Warzone REQ Leveling speed
  • Increased Warzone weapon despawn time from 5 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Fixed exploits on Overgrowth that allowed players to get out of normal map boundaries
  • Fixed map holes on Antifreeze, Recurve, Basin, and Deadlock
  • Fixed issues with Trident that allowed players to shoot through certain walls
  • Added Line of Sight toggle option for use in custom games, such as Octagon
  • The option to change teams has been added to the pause menu in custom games


  • Fixed "fast fall" and "slide boost" exploits
  • Reduced the zoom time of the SPNKr Rocket Launchers
  • Increased brightness of the Classic BR scope
  • Reduced melee damage while boarding Wraiths and Scorpions
  • Sword of the Faithful Beam Rifle now kills with a headshot
  • Fixed issue where Maintain Sprint being toggled off didn't allow players to slide when sprinting

User Interface:

  • Spartan Rank Progress now appears under all players' nameplate
  • Active Roster updated to show whether or not friends are joinable and/or can be spectated
  • Rarity is displayed for REQs in Spartan HUB Customization
  • Players can now see equipped customization items from Spartan Appearance, Spartan ID, and Weapon Skins rather than going to each individual menu screen


  • New and Updated Features:
  • Bounding box preview when navigating through objects in palette menu
  • "Delete all objects" button added to map properties (Fireteam leader only)
  • "Reset map properties" button added to map properties (Fireteam leader only)
  • Forge Bug Fixes:
  • General Stability updates to Forge
  • Grouping two or more groups together now properly updates the budgets and works as intended
  • Fixed various objects with missing descriptions (+ English strings in non-English languages)
  • Fixed a crash caused by duplicating a group with a maxed out budget
  • Fixed a crash caused by trying to delete scripts when none are in use.
  • Fixed an issue where adding objects to groups did not reset the group count.
  • Fixed an issue that capped scripts useable on an object at 7. Players can now use 8 scripts.
  • Fixed crashes caused when working with groups that had objects that don't exist
  • Fixed issue with setting fog to "None" doesn't actually result in no fog
  • Forgers can no longer "weld" Mantises
  • Fixed broken bullet collision for: Accent: Ceiling [32x80x16; corner; left] and Accent: Ceiling [32x80x16; corner; right]
  • Resized Block [32x32x16] to be correct size
  • Resized Block [64x64x48] to be correct size
  • Fixed Cylinder [24x24x80; full] so collision model matches render model
  • Fixed Cylinder [24x24x80; half] so collision model matches render model
  • Fixed Cylinder [64x64x24; full] so collision model matches render model
  • Centered text on Sign [armory; 2x10x8]
  • Fixed incorrect physics behavior with the soccer ball
  • Fixed some missing object/folder descriptions
  • Forerunner [Pulse] sound object now attached to the correct sound

Halo 5: Guardians è in costante aggiornamento e 343 Industruies ha promesso anche il gradito ritorno delle modalità Oddball e Infection.

Fonte: Twitter.com/Halo

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