La nuova patch di Battlefield 5 introduce migliorie alla modalità Firestorm

Su PC peserà circa 7 GB.

Nella giornata di oggi DICE ha pubblicato un nuovo aggiornamento per Battlefield 5, volto a bilanciare alcuni aspetti della modalità Firestorm. I giocatori PS4 dovranno scaricare circa 3.5 GB mentre per gli utenti PC le dimensioni saranno quasi il doppio, ovvero 6.59 GB.

Ora non ci resta che dare uno sguardo alle novità più importanti, riportate da Gamingbolt:

Firestorm - Gameplay fixes and changes

  • Fixed an issue which was causing a weapon to be misaligned when a player was in a man down state while being spectated.
  • V-1 and Artillery Strikes now count as "gadget kills".
  • Pistols that have been picked up by the player now properly drop on the ground if the player dies.
  • Players are now able to use the Flare Gun while in water.
  • Increased the draw distance for grenades and melee weapons.
  • Grenades now collide with the cover of the pickup truck instead of going through it.
  • Fixed an issue where the active VOIP icon would not always show if the entire squad would be talking at the same time.
  • Players will no longer deploy a grenade automatically when dropping an item as a passenger.
  • When in a tank, the player will no longer switch to the selected tank gun while zooming on the map.
  • Added a red outline for the Artillery Strike on the map to make it more visible.
  • The health cooldown UI no longer freezes if a player drops their healing items when it is in progress.
  • Getting an invite from a player while looking for players enables you to join the squad.
  • If the user cancels and resumes the interaction with a safe, it will always reset.
  • When the player is watching another player being revived, the camera will remain in the same position.
  • The Napalm Helmet will no longer obstruct the player when aiming down sights.
  • Players can now jump as soon as they reach the start of the jump location.
  • When waiting for the other players, the squad list shows the correct Armor Plates number that the player had before death.
  • Players will no longer reload when opening doors.
  • The loot rarity icon is no longer visible through soldier bodies and vehicles.
  • When getting killed by another player, the text for the weapon used will show properly.
  • Switching weapon while dropping a weapon will no longer make the weapon being held invisible.
  • The Swap and Drop button callouts are updated if the player changes the keybind ingame.
  • Interaction detection has been improved to avoid issues with loot near Objectives and vehicles.


  • Fixed a bug that enabled players to use airplanes during the match start timer period.
  • The animation when entering and exiting vehicles is now smoother and should have less unintended sudden camera movements.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a temporary black screen when reloading a stationary turret while using its zoom functionality at the same time.
  • Made audio improvements to audibility of other players' tanks.

Battlefield 5 è disponibile su PC, Xbox One e PS4, se volete saperne di più vi rimandiamo alla nostra recensione.

Cosa ne pensate? Avete già scaricato questa patch?

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