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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanti a Manhattan, ecco la lista dei trofei

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È stata recentemente resa disponibile la lista trofei di Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanti a Manhattan, titolo che sarà a breve disponibile per PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 e Xbox One.

Il gioco vi garantirà tantissime sfide da portare a termine e numerosi collezionabili da trovare per poter sbloccare tutti i trofei della lista.


  • Hero in a Half-Shell: Unlock all Trophies


  • Sorry not Sorry: Have everyone perform a Communication Action during the snapshots when a boss is defeated
  • Maniac: Obtain all Collectibles


  • Veteran: Complete Hard mode
  • Stealth Master: Complete a stage without being spotted once (outside of Missions)
  • Showoff: Have Mikey do his co-op move finishing pose during the snapshots when a boss is defeated
  • North Hampton: Traverse a total of 150 miles
  • Next time, take a cab: Defeat Rocksteady and Bebop by letting them get run over by a train
  • Hype Training: Collect 10,000 Training Points
  • Goin' Up!: Survive the elevator section at the TCRI building without taking any damage
  • Everybody Loves Explosions: Detonate 100 drum cans (including proximity mines)
  • Enthusiast: Obtain 50% of all Collectibles
  • Bodyguard: Complete a gold bar mission without the carrier being hit even once


  • White Belt: Complete the Tutorial
  • When Turtles Fly: Traverse 1 mile in the Residential Area without touching the ground
  • Wear it with Pride: Equip at least one Emblem to your profile
  • Virtuous Vigilante: Protect 30 ATM machines
  • Utrom Buster: Transport 30 Krang Bombs to a portal
  • Turtle Power!: Use Turtle Switching to defeat 1 enemy with all 4 Turtles
  • Traitor in their midst: Defeat 5 enemies at once by blowing up a Foot Soldier carrying a bomb bag
  • Tinkerer: Dismantle Charms 30 times
  • The Green Way: Traverse a total of 32 miles
  • The End?: Complete Easy or Normal mode
  • Soooooaaaaap: Have all Turtles turn into zombies simultaneously by touching contaminated water
  • Red means Stop: Destroy a rampaging car with a drum can
  • Pizza Poser: Eat a pizza during the snapshots when a boss is defeated
  • Pie Protector: Protect 10 Pizza Trucks
  • Party Crasher: Defeat a Secret Boss
  • Out of this World: Experience all of the Krang UFOs' status effects
  • One Month's Dinner: Eat 100 pizzas
  • On Top of Things: Climb to the highest point in Karai's stage and do a little dance
  • No Respect for Machinery: Destroy 30 cameras and laser devices
  • Night Vision: Defeat 10 Stone Warriors with turrets in Wingnut's stage
  • Nice to meet you!: Play online at least once
  • Look out Below!: Destroy a helicopter
  • Let There be Light: Activate the ceiling switch during the battle with Slash
  • I Like the Green One: Use any character at least 50 times
  • Hit Fast, Hit Hard: Defeat 5 enemies with both Turbo Mode and Berserk activated
  • Hard Hitter: Defeat the 4 Krangdroids with your conventional weapons in Mega Krang's stage
  • Group Hug: Use a Combo Attack to defeat 6 enemies at once
  • Grind the Grind: Grind rails for 300 feet
  • Gold Rush: Transport gold bars 30 times
  • For a Rainy Day: Transport 30 bags of money
  • Explorer: Find the secret room in the TCRI building
  • Eavesdropper: Hang out outside of an enemy hideout for at least 10 seconds
  • Double K.O.: Enter the Pizza Room during the snapshots when a boss is defeated
  • Detoxicator: Transport 10 Chemical Weapons to a Portal
  • Collector: Obtain 25% of all Collectibles
  • BOOM!: Defeat 5 enemies with 1 drum can
  • Bomb Squad: Disarm 30 time bombs
  • 637 IQ: Upgrade 30 Charm Effects

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