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Un sostanzioso aggiornamento estivo per Clash of Clans

AGGIORNATA: Ecco il change-log ufficiale dell'update di luglio.

AGGIORNAMENTO: L'update di luglio è finalmente disponibile, ecco il change-log ufficiale:

The Rise of Master Spellcasters and Legends

  • The Dark Spell Factory is here with three new spells!
  • Dragon level 5 sets its golden gaze on Town Hall 10
  • A second Air Sweeper will help clear the skies, starting at Town Hall 9
  • New Leagues are here, including the Legend League Tournament and Legend Trophies!

The Dark Spell Factory

  • Harness Dark Elixir to make spells with advanced tactics, starting at Town Hall 8
  • Poison Spell: Make a toxic cloud that slows and drains the health of defending troops
  • Earthquake Spell: Rattles away the hitpoints from buildings and Walls
  • Haste Spell: The fastest speed boost ever, at half the storage space of a Rage Spell
  • These Dark Spells take half the space of regular spells. Mix, match and experiment!

New Leagues and the Legend League Tournament

  • Introducing Titan League and the ultra-prestigious Legend League at 5000 Trophies!
  • Legend League Tournaments are a new challenge for top players, ending once a month
  • Tournament Legends get their final standings featured in the Top Players tab and profile
  • Each tournament resets Legends to 5000 Trophies and converts extras into permanent Legend Trophies!

Game Balancing

  • Training times in the Spell Factory have been reduced
  • Extra Spells can now be queued in Spell Factories, even if your Spell Storage is full
  • All resource storages are now immune to all direct spell damage
  • Clan Tournaments are one month long and award more gems to more players per Clan
  • Barbarian, Archer, Dragon and P.E.K.K.A training cost adjusted for some levels
  • Several building hitpoint values have been increased
  • Inferno Tower's Single firing mode now charges to full power slightly faster
  • Dragon level 4 has been moved to Town Hall 9
  • Archer towers arrows travel faster so they "miss" less of their shots at range

A.I. Improvements

  • Troops and Heroes are less likely to target walls unnecessarily (even the Archer Queen)
  • Troops and Heroes will not continue bashing through walls to get to a destroyed target
  • Wall Breakers now avoid retargeting towards unnecessary walls when deployed in groups
  • Fixed rare cases where defending Heroes or defenses might get stuck and not attack

Interface Improvements

  • Train your army with a new Training button just above Attack - no more Barracks-hunting
  • Army Overview lets you view, request troops and edit your army, including spells!
  • Quick-tabs have been added to training views to make cycling between buildings easier
  • Troop selection when attacking has been cleaned up with new visuals and sounds
  • You can now filter offensive Clan Chat by enabling the Clan Chat Filter in the Settings
  • Arabic and Traditional Chinese languages are now supported!

Il popolare titolo mobile Clash of Clans sta per ricevere un sostanzioso aggiornamento estivo, stando a

L'aggiornamento è stato annunciato sul forum ufficiale degli sviluppatori Supercell, e vi rimandiamo al post originale per le informazioni complete.

In ogni caso ecco le novità annunciate finora:

  • Ci saranno dei draghi di livello 5
  • Una seconda unità antiaerea (Air Sweeper)
  • Sono in arrivo due nuove leghe (Titan e Legend)
  • Verrà introdotto un tasto per addestrare le armate senza dover tornare alle caserme
  • Tre nuove magie, Terremoto, Fretta ed Avvelenamento
  • Un laboratorio per produrre Incantesimi Oscuri con il Dark Elixir
  • Da ora i raccoglitori di risorse saranno immuni ai fulmini

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