WWE 2K17: disponibile l'aggiornamento 1.04 su PS4 e Xbox One

Ecco il changelog completo.

Da oggi è disponibile la nuova patch per WWE 2K17 che introduce il supporto al nuovo contenuto extra "New Moves Pack" e risolve alcuni problemi di performance insieme a qualche bug, qui sotto potete trovare il changelog completo.


  • Improved targeting against Superstars near the apron in multi-man matches
  • Fixed an issue with the referee becoming unresponsive or slow to react after the performance of certain moves
  • Addressed exploits with multiple moves, including Overhand Hammer Fist and Testicular Claw
  • COM Superstars no longer have a tendency to exit the ring when a Superstar is climbing a ladder
  • Improved a Superstar's stopping animation after repeated Irish Whip rebounds
  • Adjusted some moves that were not dealing sufficient damage when performed
  • Managers can no longer perform grabs when standing at ringside against Superstars in the ring
  • Addressed several circumstances in which managers were not triggering the intended ejection penalty
  • Managers can no longer break the referee's count out by entering and exiting the ring while two competitors are outside the ring
  • Fixed an issue with Superstars not rebounding off the ropes properly when Irish Whipped during a post-match breakout
  • Addressed an issue with large Superstars encountering invisible collision in the crowd area
  • Fixed a warping issue that could occur when being grappled while descending a ladder
  • Addressed a match rating exploit when using the Randy Orton Stomp or Elbow Drop/Knee Strike Combo signatures
  • Fixed an issue in which Ric Flair couldn't taunt when using an alternate attire in the second attire slot
  • The Undertaker's comeback now properly awards a Signature after being performed by a Custom Superstar
  • Addressed several selling animations to appear more natural
  • Fixed issues with COM Superstars being unable to reverse certain moves
  • Addressed warping and animation syncing issues with various moves


  • Fixed an issue with users being unable to kick out of pins when playing as a WWE Superstar using an alternate attire
  • Addressed an inconsistency between Prestige points displayed on the post-match screen and the Prestige overlay when viewed in 2K Tonight


  • An existing rivalry will now end when entering the tag team division rankings, preventing rivalries from continuing indefinitely while progressing in the tag team division
  • Fixed an issue in which standing springboard attacks couldn't be used inside the ring in MyCareer matches
  • Fixed an issue in which tag team finishers couldn't be assigned in a user's Move-set even when the user was part of a tag team
  • Addressed an issue in which Superstars recovered too quickly when being struck with a high impact move with low health
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur when completing a rival match with a cutscene

WWE Universe

  • The Tonight's Show banner now preferences displaying current champions and Superstars participating in upcoming matches for that show
  • Champions will no longer lose titles in matches when a challenger wins by way of count out or disqualification
  • Addressed an issue in which "Error Roster" could appear as the name for Superstars on the match card
  • Money in the Bank matches properly award the Money in the Bank briefcase even after match participants have been edited
  • Fixed an issue which a blank Superstar roster image would appear on the match up screen after editing that Superstar's attire
  • Fixed an issue where a Royal Rumble match wouldn't be booked for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view if the show's roster included less than 30 Superstars
  • Addressed an issue where controller vibration didn't function when playing in a Royal Rumble match in WWE Universe mode

Highlight Reel

  • Fixed an issue with the timeline cursor when rewinding recorded footage

Visual Presentation

  • Fixed a major warping issue with boots for Superstars wearing an alternate attire
  • Fixed a warping issue that occurred with Custom Superstars using The Dudley Boyz's victory motion
  • Fixed an issue with LED displays in multi-man matches
  • Fixed title animation issues for certain Superstars during the pre-match cutscene of a title match Fixed multiple presentation issues with Sasha Banks's entrance
  • Fixed a visual issue with Asuka's tassels in her entrance when using an alternate attire
  • Post-match replays now trigger in matches that end with a post-match cutscene rather than a standard victory scene
  • Christian and Viktor will now possess a championship during entrances if either is a title holder

WWE Creations - Superstar

  • Fixed an issue with logos on Custom Superstars created in earlier patch versions shifting location after installing a more recent patch and attempting to edit the Superstar
  • The DEFAULT option under the FACE section now correctly resets all facial customization, including body oil, eyes, and skin color
  • A white outline no longer appear around logos after changing the logo color
  • Fixed multiple issues related to Menus Screen poses not appearing correctly
  • Addressed multiple issues with clothing parts clipping or warping
  • Addressed positioning issues for various Custom Superstar parts
  • Face Photos will now only apply to a Superstar's head and not to the chest or back
  • Fixed an issue with letter orientation reverting after the user modified it
  • Drop shadow and outline settings for a logo now reset if the user switches to another logo
  • Improved logo and lettering application for additional shoe parts
  • The ability Immovable Object is now automatically removed when lowering a Superstar's weight to an invalid weight class for the ability
  • Fixed an issue with colors on logos applied to arms not copying properly to other attires

WWE Creations - Arena

  • Fixed an issue with the thumbnail for the user's first created Custom Arena not appearing correctly

WWE Creations - Championship

  • Fixed several issues with side plates not displaying correctly

WWE Creations - Entrance

  • The default volume for generic entrance themes has been increased

WWE Creations - Video

  • Fixed an issue where the preview would always show the Raw arena regardless of what arena was selected under the Universe / Career section

WWE Community Creations

  • Fixed an issue in which deleted attire would still be displayed when a Superstar was uploaded to Community Creations Uploading a Show with a Custom Video under Show Load will no longer result in the uploader's local copy having the Show Load revert to the default Raw video


  • The crowd will now properly cheer or boo Superstars according to their alignment in tag team entrances
  • Entrance music now plays properly in Diamond Dallas Page's entrance
  • Custom tag teams are now announced correctly in handicap matches
  • The crowd will now react to taunts and moves during matches in which a Superstar has two or more managers
  • Addressed an issue with the ring announcement in Fatal 4-Way matches
  • Addressed a syncing issue between Sheamus's music and Titantron video
  • Fixed various missing impact sounds for various moves


  • Game Balancing, "Finisher Strength" has been renamed "Special Moves Strength," and this option now affects Signature and Finisher damage.
  • Custom Arenas now display Custom Shows they are USED IN in the Deletion Utility
  • Fixed an issue where certain help info tutorials continued to appear every time a certain area or feature was accessed instead of only the first time
    • Added support for the "WWE 2K17 New Moves Pack" downloadable content ahead of release.
    • Tatanka's comeback move will now award a signature properly (WWE 2K17 Legends Pack)

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