Disponibile una nuova patch per Don't Starve Together

Insieme ad un nuovo trailer.

Gli sviluppatori Klei Entertainment hanno annunciato che è da oggi disponibile un aggiornamento per la versione PC di Don't Starve Together, la patch, chiamata Don't Starve Together: A New Reign - Part 2 introduce nuovi contenuti e risolve alcuni bug, diamo uno sguardo al changelog completo:

Key Features:

  • New Fuzzy Companions: Seek out the Rock Den to find and befriend your choice of adorable baby animals, including baby Hounds, Catcoons, Glommers, and more!
  • New Boss: Face off against the mighty Bee Queen and her terrible Grumble Bee minions to prove yourself and obtain unique loot in this all-new fight!
  • New Basebuilding Items: Build gates and fences to contain animals or landscape your new garden of growable Marble Shrubs! And more: Balance changes, bug fixes, music, recipes and more!Charlie the shadow queen has been plotting dark new challenges for Wilson and his fellow survivors from her umbral throneroom, and she's ready to unleash her latest creations on the world of Don't Starve!


  • Look for the Rock Den to pick up your pet!
  • Added the Bee Queen and her Grumble Bee guardians.
  • Added Fences and Gates.
  • Added growable Marble Shrubs.
  • End Tables can now be decorated with fresh flower arrangements.
  • Friendly Scarecrow can now be dressed up.
  • Improved deploy action range to help with placing walls.
  • Improved auto-attack targeting to help reduce unintentional target switching.
  • Increased durability of Beekeeper Hat.
  • Reduced attack range of Bees and Mosquitos.
  • Increased Glowcap Blueprint drop rate to 33%.
  • Optimizations for Mushtrees that are off-screen.
  • Deployment placers are now hidden when the action is not available. (For example, switching to the Repair action when placing Walls.)
  • Ice Flingomatic range indicator will now be visible to players while they are placing other structures or plants.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Batilisks would often appear momentarily whenever a Player exits the Caves during daytime.
  • Fixed constant health loss sound when Wolfgang has health penalty after reviving.
  • Fixed bugs causing Dragonfly to sometimes get stuck after sleeping.
  • Fixed bug where Sporecaps can fail to grow even while Toadstool is channeling.
  • Fixed bug where Toadstool Minimap icons near an Ocuvigil sometimes did not update.
  • Toadstool will no longer target Hutch after all Players are dead.
  • Fixed animation bug when holding a Lantern while groggy.
  • Fixed save issue with burnt Salt Licks.
  • Fixed bug in Wes' mime animations while mounted.
  • Fixed missing Snow animations on Mushroom Planters.

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Andrea Di Carlo

Andrea Di Carlo


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