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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento

Ridotti i tempi di caricamento e risolti alcuni bug.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot ha da poco ricevuto una nuova patch che va a sistemare diversi problemi del gioco. In particolare sono stati ridotti i tempi di caricamento e risolto alcuni problemi legati alle missione secondarie.

Di seguito trovate il patch note completo:

  • Reduced load times when traveling from one area to another Issue where players were unable to accept the Sub-Story "Telekinesis Training" (Saiyan Arc Episode 3), if they saved and loaded their Save Data after fighting Tien.
  • Issue that caused the Main Story icon to not be displayed if you save and load your Save Data after clearing the Main Story "The Longest Three Hours" (Saiyan Arc Episode 5).
  • Issue where Chi Chi cannot be found on the field if you accept the Sub Story "Goten's Growth" (Buu Arc Episode 1) and clear the Main Story without completing the Sub Story.
  • Issue that caused Characters related to the Main or Sub Story to not appear, if that specific character is already found within the field as a Villainous Enemy.
  • (Only for Xbox One) Issue where users where users would go straight to the Title Screen without viewing the Opening Cinematic.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot è disponibile su PC, Xbox One, PS4 e Nintendo Switch.

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